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We Love Kids  Play Time! is Brain Stimulation Activities that help children reach age appropriate milestones by developing specific brain functions with fun games and activities from birth to 7 years of age.


Activities focus on Stimulating Balanced Brain Development to acquire all skills needed for school readiness. 


80% of adult intellect is developed by age 7.

A baby is born with loose brain cells.

Stimulation from the environment is needed to connect the brain cells for the brain to function intelligently.

0-4 years 50% of a persons adult intellectual ability develops

4-7 years another 30% develops.


Activities Develop:

1. Physical
2. Art & Fine Muscles
3. Visual Perception
4. Language and Thinking
5. Auditory Perception
6. Mathematical


How your child plays, learns, speaks and acts offers important clues about your child’s development.

Developmental milestones are activities most children can do by certain age.


We Love Kids Play Time! make sure all these milestones are reached and specific brain functions stimulated to ensure a balanced, advanced child.


Parents give more attention to skills that are well developed in their Children. Stronger skills are therefore often overdeveloped while weaker areas are neglected.


We equip you to make sure that your child reach age appropriate milestones with fun balanced brain stimulation activities  in all areas during the first 7 years of age.

A Loved Baby  •  Alert Child  •  Happy Youth  •  Successful Adult


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